Thursday, December 11, 2008

6. Coimbatore Industry ( Major Industries)

Coimbatore in India is an industrial city with full of business activity related mainly to textile and engineering industry. Originally Coimbatore is a textile town with cotton ginning and spinning mills. Naturally, the black cotton soil and climate favored this unique industry.

Coimbatore Agro Rural Industry:

The city has a vast rural area with cotton crop under cultivation. The agro industry around Coimbatore demanded production of water pumps for uplifting water from deep open wells. The water pumps of different horse powers needed motors of various kinds and sizes. The textile mill operations need a variety of motors. The motor and pump industry stipulated conditions to establish foundries for iron castings and motor winding industry for making motors.

Coimbatore Textile Mills:

The textile mills required machineries and spares for production of cotton yarns by various operations like ginning and spinning. There are very many small and big weaving mills with power looms. These power looms require motors with weaving machineries and spares.

Coimbatore Engineering Industry:

The engineering industry of Coimbatore is established as work shops in nook and corner of the city with all manufacturing machineries for welding, grinding, shaping, milling, turning, and fitting operations with various kinds of lathe works. All these operations call for a good motor to start with. Hence, electric motor has become the primary product for all the industries in Coimbatore and of course in all states in this country.

Coimbatore Foundries:

Thus the foundry industry has born and established just for the purpose of making iron casting bases and the cases of the motors and pumps. Later its requirements are diversified for the multipurpose casting requirements. Now, aluminum casting works are also undertaken for the automobile industries. The foundry needs basically fire bricks and binding materials for construction and pig iron, coal etc for melting and casting in moulds. The other aspects are machining and shaping of the bases and cases for the motors and pumps.

Coimbatore Motors and pumps:

Coimbatore motors are famous for their early introduction, quality, quantity, sizes, models and vast production capacities. You need miniature size fractional horse power motors for small applications in toys and machineries like sewing machines. Gigantic sized motors are needed in mammoth pumps in lifting water and operating in big textile mills and industries. You can see very big motors in tea, cement and rubber industries. Vertical lifts and horizontally moving cranes too use bigger size motors. In flour mills, you can see canvass belts are used to run on the motor shafts to grind wheat grains.

Coimbatore Motors are Primary Engines Everywhere:

Motor is the primary electrical device in all appliances like fan, fridge, mixers and grinders of domestic and industrial needs. As a subsidiary occupation motor winding of copper wires is a well established industry in Coimbatore. Electrical switches, circuit breakers and switch gears of various sizes with panel boards are manufactured to meet the needs of the textile mills and agro-motor and pump industry.

Coimbatore industry comprises of all kinds of other domestic and industrial products out of plastic, paper, ply wood, sheet metal besides agro based rice, wheat, sugar, edible oil companies in and around the city. All such industries too make use of engineering machines designed to meet their specific needs.

Coimbatore industry shows its excellence every where domestically and also in international trade of all engineering machines, spares, tools and technical consultancy and trade tie ups.